1.Our statement of problem:

The rate of cellular phone addiction among youths is increasing with the rise of cell phone ownership and usage over the years. Cellular phone addiction, like all other addictions, have adverse effects on youths.

2. Research objectives

This research aims to find out:

  1. is there a significant number of youths in Singapore who are addicted to their phone
  2. why is using a cell phone so addictive
  3. what are the symptoms of cell phone addiction
  4. how will cell phone addiction affect youths as students
  5. how do we stop this problem

3. Feasibility and manageability

Our research is feasible because there are many locations where students often go to and they are near SST. The methods of obtaining information is easy. Surveys are easy to create and send out while interviews give visual and audio proof, as well as providing the interviewees with the option for more open answers and opinions. If we go to two different locations a week to conduct interviews, sufficient data could be collected which we can use in our research. Over the course of the whole IRS project, there is sufficient time for survey responses to be collected which directly addresses the questions that we are focusing on.

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