1.) Identify websites and documents to research effectively on.

2.) Conduct background research

3.) Give yourself plenty of time

4.) Determine the type of information I will need

5.) Select tools properly

6.) Plan my research

7.) Document your research thoroughly

8.) Evaluate the results

9.) Cite the research

10.) Search for help when in need

Research Plan (Describe how you intend to design your research i.e. who/what you are going to research on, how many respondents, your study area/location etc)

1. Conduct a study by creating a questionnaire to interview a targeted group of people i.e. teens in Orchard and collect data on the spot.

2. Do face to face interviews with teenagers and either video or audio record their answers.

Methodology (Describe what methods you are using to collect data, where and how the data can be collected and analysed)

- Brainstorm appropriate and concise questions
- Create questionnaire
- Go to the field
- Interview youths
- Finalise answers
- Conclude


Who: Teenagers between the age of 13-17
What: Get students’ views on mobile phone addiction
Where: SST, Clementi mall, Jem, SP
When: After school ends, weekends
How:  Interviews, questionnaires, survey forms

Research Schedule

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